More than 20 years of RMCGF

  • U6 R2142

    RMCGF 2023 Bahrain

    Back in the Desert! We returned to the Kingdom of Bahrain from December 02-09, 2023 and saw one week racing action at day and night on the amazing track of the Bahrain International Karting Circuit.

  • Kart Line Up Drone 1

    RMCGF 2022 Portugal

    The biggest kart line-up ever in the history of the RMC Grand Finals was seen at the Kartodromo Internacional Algarve from November 19-26, 2022.

  • RMC Grand Finals Kart Line-up Bahrain 2021

    RMCGF 2021 Bahrain

    For the first time, the RMCGF took place in the Kingdom of Bahrain at the wonderful Bahrain International Karting Circuit from December 11 - 18, 2021. 

  • RMC Grand Finals Kart Line-up Italy 2019

    RMCGF 2019 Italy

    In 2019 BRP-Rotax returns to Italy, to the Circuito Internazionale di Napoli in Sarno to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this exceptional and prestigious event. Over 370 drivers from nearly 60 countries competed against each other during one week in Italy for the title.

  • RMC Grand Finals Kart Line-up Brazil 2018

    RMCGF 2018 Brazil

    The 19th edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in 2018 took place on South American soil for the first time. Boasting the world’s greatest elevation change in karting, the Paladino circuit offered drivers both a technical and fast-flowing track. 

  • RMC Grand Finals Kart Line-up Portugal 2017

    RMCGF 2017 Portugal

    In 2017 the RMC Grand Finals again took place in Portugal in the Kartodromo Internacional Algarve near of Portimao with 360 drivers from almost 60 countries. Portimao was furthermore the platform to present the first Rotax THUNDeR E-Kart in a demo race with 4 former karting champions.

  • Torbogen Chassis line up GF2016

    RMCGF 2016 Italy

    The Circuito Internazionale di Napoli in Sarno, Italy was the track of choice for the RMC Grand Finals in 2016. This year BRP-Rotax announced a new concept to make the Rotax 125 Micro and Mini MAX classes more attractive. After the decision of the FIA and CIK to allow younger drivers to race outside their home countries, these classes were fixed part of the Grand Finals from then.

  • RMCGF Kart Line-up Portugal 2015

    RMCGF 2015 Portugal

    In 2015 the RMC Grand Finals returned to the wonderful south coast of Portugal to the Kartodromo Internacional Algarve near Portimao. This event also gave the opportunity to 36 Rotax 125 Micro MAX and 36 Rotax 125 Mini MAX drivers to take part at this international level race in an invitation only race.

  • RMC Grand Finals Kart Line-up Spain 2014

    RMCGF 2014 Spain

    The 15th anniversary of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals was celebrated at Kartódromo Internacional Lucas Guerrero in Chiva/Valencia, Spain in 2014. The 320 drivers came from 58 countries. The rain presented a new challenge for drivers and mechanics, as they had to readjust driving styles and chassis setups to stay competitive.

  • RMC Grand Finals Kart Line-up USA 2013

    RMCGF 2013 USA

    A whooping 360 drivers including the invitational race of Rotax: 125 Micro and Mini MAX drivers raced for the titles at NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans in 2013.

  • Kart Aufstellung 2012

    RMCGF 2012 Portugal

    After a wet experience in 2006 in the north of Portugal, the 2012 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals edition went further south to Portimao. The Kartodromo Internacional Algarve race track welcomed 276 drivers from about 60 countries who competed in four categories.

  • Kart Aufstellung

    RMCGF 2011 United Arab Emirates

    In 2011 the Grand Finals returned to Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Some 264 drivers from about 60 countries raced in four categories.

  • Drivers Picture RMCGF 2010

    RMCGF 2010 Italy

    In 2010 the Grand Finals took place took place once again in Italy. For the first time, the series held 4 different categories and the number of drivers went up to 250. The introduction of the new category – the 125 MAX DD2 Masters – allowed for another 36 drivers over the age of 32 to compete in the world’s biggest kart race series.

  • RMCGF Kart Line-up Egypt 2009

    RMCGF 2009 Egypt

    Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt then hosted the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in 2009 .

  • Drivers Presentation 3

    RMCGF 2008 Italy

    The world’s top karting race series found itself on European soil once again when Italy – arguably the home of karting – hosted the Grand Finals in 2008.

  • RMCGF Kart Line-up UAE 2007

    RMCGF 2007 United Arab Emirates

    The 2007 edition saw another great event in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates: 216 drivers from more than 50 countries from all five continents raced for victory in the 3 categories.

  • RMCGF Kart Line-up Portugal 2006

    RMCGF 2006 Portugal

    The rainy coast of Viana do Castelo, Portugal, hosted the 2006 edition of the RMC Grand Finals. The event reached a record of 186 participants from close to 50 countries.

  • RMCGF 2005 malaysia12

    RMCGF 2005 Malaysia

    In the year 2005, the Grand Finals ran three different categories in Malaysia: 125 Junior MAX, 125 MAX and the 125 MAX DD2. The event attracted 140 drivers from 43 nations and BRP-Rotax also unveiled the newly designed MOJO tyres on this international platform.

  • RMCGF 2004 lanzarote4

    RMCGF 2004 Spain

    The volcano island of Lanzarote, Spain welcomed the 5th Grand Finals in 2004. For the first time, all competitors raced either on supplied “single make” chassis provided by CRG (for the 125 Junior MAX category) or by BRP (for the 125 MAX category).

  • RMCGF 2003 egypt1

    RMCGF 2003 Egypt

    In Egypt in 2003 , the “125 Junior MAX” category was introduced. The year 2003 was also the first time the company worked with a chassis manufacturer to supply brand new identical karts to competitors.

  • RMCGF 2002 south africa2

    RMCGF 2002 South Africa

    In 2002, kart drivers from 33 different countries vied for the gold at the Grand Finals in South Africa.

  • Drivers line up 2002

    RMCGF 2001 Malaysia

    In 2001, the finalists were invited to Langkawi, where 76 drivers from 29 countries competed for the RMC “World Champion” title in the 125 MAX class.

  • RMCGF 2000 puerto rico1

    RMCGF 2000 Puerto Rico

    The first edition of the Grand Finals took place in 2000 on the island of Puerto Rico with 66 drivers in the “125 MAX” class representing 19 countries.

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