Get your team together!

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Take part in this special competition and present your national team in a short video. Bring your passion and enthusiasm to create and introduce your country and your participants of the RMC Grand Finals. The main goal of the RMCGF Team Contest is to promote the amazing spirit shared within our global cultures. Consider what the RMCGF stands for: Sportsmanship. Equality. Friendship. The big worldwide Rotax family.

  • M44 U0104

    How to take part

    • create a video with your whole team dressed in the your RMCGF team race suits and special team clothing
    • other team members are welcome, but also need to be wearing special team clothing
    • extraordinary ideas are welcome as well as mascots or typical country animals
    • be creative and innovative - no matter where you are - in your home country or already in Bahrain, on a track, at the beach, in the paddock, at/in the pool etc. you can choose your spot or mix different locations
  • M44 U0136

    Technical requirements

    • ONLY videos are allowed, no pictures
    • Duration: max. 1 minute
    • Size: portrait format for Social Media (1080 x 1920 px), NO landscape format videos
    • Format: mp4 or mov
    • Resolution: best possible resolution with lowest data size
  • M44 U0116

    Dates & Deadlines

    • Deadline: The deadline for the submissions is Tuesday, December 05th, 2023. Please contact your local Rotax distributor for more details about the Team Contest.
    • Award: The winners will be awarded with a special trophy at the prize giving ceremony on Saturday, Dec 09, 2023

    Unacceptable content

    • Please be aware that you cannot include any political statements or actions
    • Any disrespectful actions of the team during the event will eliminate your entry from the Team Contest
    • Competing brands showcased on any clothes or in any other way

    We focus on

    • drivers wearing the RMCGF team racesuits
    • other team members wearing team clothing
    • extraordinary ideas for the content
    • appearance of the team drivers' tent space during the event week

    What we appreciate

    • Bring your passion and enthusiasm and introduce your country and your participants
    • Promote the amazing spirit shared within our global cultures
    • Consider what the RMCGF stands for: Sportsmanship. Equality. Friendship. The big worldwide Rotax family.

    How to enter the competition

    • Read the rules carefully and start the creative process to produce your video
    • Your local Authorized Rotax Distributor will submit the video to BRP-Rotax
    • We are then checking that your video meets the competition requirements and will then inform your local distributor if the submission is confirmed or refused

    Social Media publication

    As soon as your distributor receives the confirmation email, the teams are free to promote their submission on their own social media channels.

    Don't forget to tag @rotaxkarting

    The top 3 winning videos will be posted on our social media channels and saved in the highlights of the RMCGF 2023.


    Be creative and innovative!

    We wish all teams good luck and can't wait to see your submissions!

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