Rotax Fanshop at the RMCGF

PIC Pro Racing Grand Finals highres 006

Don't miss the limited RMC Grand Finals event collection. It is only available during the event in our Merchandise Shop in the Paddock. If you need any spare parts, we also have them available. Just visit the shop in the paddock, our shop-team can assist to choose the items you want.

ROTAX RMCGF 2023 Wallpaper
Merchandise Shop RMCGF

Opening Hours

In our merchandise shop in the paddock you will find the latest limited event collection as well as selected items of our inline racing collection. Don't miss the chance to grab some of the limited items specially designed for the RMCGF 2023.

The opening hours of the Merchandise Shop in the Paddock are:

Dec 01 ... 09:00-17:15
Dec 02 ... 09:00-16:45
Dec 03 ... 09:30-17:00
Dec 04 ... 09:00-17:30
Dec 05 ... 13:00-21:00
Dec 06 ... 10:30-21:45
Dec 07 ... 08:30-19:00
Dec 08 ... 11:30-22:00
Dec 09 ... 08:30-20:00

Stay tuned. - The new RMC Grand Finals fan collection for Bahrain is in preparation for you.


Our new racing collection is available in the online shop.

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