Important Info about Internet Connections and WiFi

We keep you informed about important workflows or changes of the RMC Grand Finals with our infoletter which will be sent as soon as we have news for you. Below please find the info about the internet connection on site during the event.

To run the mandatory Rotax Global App during the RMC Grand Finals, you need internet connectivity. Therefore we have arranged a limited amount of free SIM-Cards from Batelco (9 GB) which will be sufficient for the usage of the Global App during the race week.

How it works:

  • You find Vouchers for 2 Batelco SIM-Cards (one for the Driver, one for the Entrant) in your Drivers bag, which you receive at the Sporting Check-In.
  • Go with the Voucher to the Batelco stations near the Drivers tent
  • The Batelco staff on site will hand over the one SIM-Card per voucher and will assist with the installation on your phone
  • It is also possible to use an e-SIM instead of the physical SIM Card. The team of Batelco will help you to activate this e-SIM on your phone at the Batelco booth in front of the Drivers tent. For the e-SIM there will be a charge of BD 3.300 (inkl VAT).

Good to know:

  • Drivers younger than 16 years can not register the SIM-Card. The SIM-Card then will be registered under the guardians name
  • The 9 GB will be sufficient for running the Rotax Global App during the event week. 
  • It is the users reponsibility to have enough data available to run the mandatory Rotax Global App during the event week. If you are running out of data, you can buy a refill online in the Batelco App or at the Batelco station in front of the Drivers tent.

When you pick-up your Rotax Club Ticket at the Customer Support Office, you will also receive your personal WiFi code for the Internet on site. Please note that the WiFi signal is not available in the drivers tent.


For ordering tickets for the Rotax Club, please contact your local distributor. If you decide during the event to order some, you need also your distributor to inform the customer support office about the order. More information about the Rotax Club is available at

If you need a SIM-Card or an e-SIM, please feel free to buy and register it at the Batelco station in front of the Drivers tent.

RMCGF INFO 01 Nov 25, 2023
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