Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2023

U6 R2269

We returned to the beautiful Kingdom of Bahrain for the RMC Grand Finals 2023. From December 02-09, 2023 the worldwide Rotax Racers competed at the Bahrain International Karting Circuit for the title and we had a special chance for some of the Mini MAX drivers who got the chance to compete in the Rotax E10 E-Kart Cup during the RMCGF Finals on Saturday.

Winners of the RMCGF 2023

  • 125 Micro MAX

    1. Jenson Chalk 
    2. Andreas Kjellerup 
    3. Edward Haynes

  • 125 Mini MAX

    1. Rory Armstrong
    2. Nikita Ljubimov
    3. Jacob Ashcroft

  • 125 Junior MAX

    1. Timo Jungling
    2. Beau Lowette
    3. Louis Comyn

  • 125 Senior MAX

    1. Andrej Petrovic
    2. Aron Krepcsik
    3. Macauley Bishop

  • 125 MAX DD2

    1. Ragnar Veerus
    2. Philipp Moitzi
    3. Jakub Bezel

  • 125 MAX DD2 Masters

    1. Ben Cooper
    2. Mathew Kinsman
    3. Matias Rodriguez

  • Rotax E20 Senior

    1. Mats Johan Overhoff
    2. Spencer Brougham
    3. Knud Nielsen

  • Rotax E20 Masters

    1. Joao Goncalves
    2. Andreas Matis
    3. Igor Mukhin

  • E10 E-Kart Cup

    Rotax E10

    1. Veeti Salmi
    2. David Matlak
    3. Ben Mccloughry

  • Nations Cup

    1. UK
    2. Canada
    3. Belgium

  • All results RMCGF 2023

    Find the complete results of the RMC Grand Finals 2023 and click the link below

Download the daily reports and race brochure of 2023

Daily Report 1 RMCGF 2023
pdf 661.31 KB
Daily Report 2 RMCGF 2023
pdf 677.04 KB
Daily Report 3 RMCGF 2023
pdf 701.14 KB
Daily Report 4 RMCGF 2023
pdf 690.44 KB
Daily Report 5 RMCGF 2023
pdf 695.21 KB
Daily Report 6 RMCGF 2023
pdf 686.47 KB
Daily Report 7 RMCGF 2023
pdf 669.98 KB
RMCGF 2023 Race Brochure
pdf 14.42 MB

More pictures of the event are available in the Daily Reports in the News sections.

Go to the Daily Reports

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U6 R2113
U6 R2079
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U6 R2149
U6 R2283
U6 R2275
U6 R2269
U6 R2261
U6 R2325
U6 R2242
U6 R1163
U6 R2728

You missed the RMC Grand Finals 2023?

Videos of the RMCGF

Don't worry if you had no time to join us live, all our live streams are still available on our YouTube channel together with our highlight videos & much more

Insights & more

Every day we made a bunch of stories with insights, behind the scenes and recaps of the day which are stored on our Instagram Channel.

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