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The Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals is more than a racing event. It is even more and brings together the global Rotax family to celebrate the national champions and best drivers of the worldwide RMCs. One week where you meet friends from all over the world, make new friends and having fun together. 

We are thrilled to welcome you to not one, but two incredible events during the RMC Grand Finals: the Welcome Get-Together at the Formula1 Paddock of the BIC and the Sundowner Party in the RMCGF Paddock at the BIKC at the end of the event where we will crown the Champions of the RMCGF 2023. 

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Let's gather under the starlit sky at the Formula1 Paddock at the BIC during the Welcome Get-Together on Sunday Dec 03, 2023. It's a celebration of passion for racing , a homage to the dedication of our drivers and a testament to the unity of our racing community. With local food barbecue and traditional musicians, we officially open the event week in this mesmerizing Kingdom of Bahrain.

You'll have the chance to mingle with fellow enthusiasts, meet the teams, and get a taste of what's in store for the competition ahead. It's a night of introductions, laughter, and the first thrilling taste of the racing spirit that defines us. 

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As the sun begins its descent on the final day of the RMC Grand Finals in Bahrain, the Sundowner Party in the heart of the RMCGF Paddock opens a night full of celebration. This enchanting evening marks the culmination of a thrilling week where we crown the Champions of the RMCGF 2023.  

Don't miss one of the highlights, the MOJO Tyre Changing Contest Finals which will take place at the podium at 16:00. 

The Sundowner Party takes place on December 09, 2023 and starts at 15:45 - right after the last race of the RMCGF 2023 in the Paddock around the Podium. Let's celebrate together the champions and cheer with the teams for their buddies.

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